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Just Starting With Myoristan 40Mg

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Hello all

My name is Gaby and I am a 27 year old starting a new hopefully successful treatment that might just get rid of my cystic nodular acne forever.. I am new here and for the first time I am writing about my experience with this condition. I hope not to drag to much on it though.

I have fighting acne since a very early age.. 9 to be specific. I had such a hard time at school because I was the only one at that age with this problem and honestly I believe that affected me a lot. I was called all sort of names and in all fairness had an ugly face due to acne but it was all worsened by the fact that children can be really cruel and teachers sometimes seem to ignore the issue..

I had extractions done for many years starting from 10 up to about 14 which included needles, loop hole extractors, stinging lotions and a therapy with light that sometimes gave you a very mild electric shock on your face.. its was awful and painful. I believe those treatments are to blame for all my toothpick scars. My face is full or scars; mainly on my nose, cheeks, forehead and chin. I must say my face did improve on its own after I was 15 but still had cystic and nodular acne and black and white heads although not as many as before.

I've tried everything just like some of you I guess, all sort of over the counter creams, lotions, prescribed gels and antibiotics, holistic stuff, home made face masks and quite recently spironolactone. My dermatologist agreed it was time to try accutane (Myorisan) and so I am here reporting my experience.

Today it's my fifth day since starting the treatment. I have cysts all over my jaw and chin in total I'll say more than 15.. they just seem to be on top of each other at times.. The persistent black heads on my nose, cheeks and chin, 3 white heads on my forehead and two on my jaw. So pretty much full but I've been worse! My cheeks seem clear and also my forehead over all. With my insurance I am paying $35 which is a blessing judging by what other fellow users pay.

I do not know if it is to early to report side effects but I have been getting a back ache that wasn't there before. Its not that bad but it is uncomfortable. Not complaining though!! anything to get this stuff away for good. So far no dryness...

Will continue updating weekly or even daily if something magical or very bad happen!

Thank you very much for reading and hope we all get clear soon!!


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