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Severe Red Marks

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Hi, I have been suffering from acne for 6 years. I am 24 years old. I feel like I have got my acne under control 3 years ago as I was on Minocin and using retinoid at night. (with few occasional cyst) but I have been suffering from severe red marks since than. It is very severe ONLY on my left side of my face. I have tried lasers(made my skin worse) went to dermatalogist and they prescribed me accutane. (I didnt take it because I heard they dont help with red marks at all). I am currently taking minocin (100mg a day), and applying 10% Glycolic Acid cream from Neostrata and washing my face with a papaya Enzyme Powder recommanded by my dermatalogist. As well, Im using La Roche-Posay ANthelios SPF 60 every time I go out. I have been on this regime for a month now with no results. If you guys know if theres any way to get rid of these awful red marks, please let me know! Thanks

* I have attached a pic of the left side of my face.



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You should try the Regimen that is on this website, especially the AHA and Jojoba Oil. It should minimize it or maybe be gone in a few weeks.

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You should try the Regimen that is on this website, especially the AHA and Jojoba Oil. It should minimize it or maybe be gone in a few weeks.

Thanks! Ive been to a dermatalogist and she recommanded me going on acccutane. Do you think this is something I should consider?

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hi zxcvbnm123 , Your skin doesn't look like it has too many active lesions (one of my clients calls them "diamonds" haha). More so the aftermath from the wonderful condition we call Acne. I would recommend doing a series of Microdermabrasion and Chemical peels.

The skin re-growth cycle is every two weeks, generally deeper scarring in the dermis (layer under the 'epidermis') is gone within a year. Since you're still trying to erase the damage, it seems as though your hormones may be a little out of regular to not be able to trigger that progressive cycle. Absolutely anything can make this happen. I've had acne for years, dealt with 'looking for a cure' for the pimples and the scarring afterwards. I currently own a Medi-Spa and have tried everything, inside and out!

I had 4 chemical peels, 8 microdermabrasion's and 4 photo facials. But I've never been happier! From the worse skin ever - to people thinking I'm wearing foundation when I'm actually not.

Its a bit of an investment, however with enough research - you can find good deals (email coupons, etc.). Since the growth cycle is every 2 weeks, you're trying to beat the system. I would try to do each treatment at every 10 days. 7 to 10 even, depending on what your skin, budget and schedule can handle. Anyone with acne, if they're anything like me - have skin that can handle a beating!

Start doing some research on places and try to follow through. Everything is and should be spaced out, even at every payday! So it makes it do-able.

Get yourself some Retinol, either from a dermatologist, or your Medical esthetics professional. Let me know if you need one, I can always send you the info and ship you the product should you desire to buy it or can't find someone you trust

Always wear an oil free sunscreen every single day. All year round. It protects you from all elements. The red will never get redder.

Hoe this helps! I'm not making money of you, so I have no reason to make things up. I hope you follow through, and post an "after photo" after doing what I recommended.

Take care :) All the best.

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"I can relate" Is not enough to describe how much your situation is almost identical to mine, I'm 24 years old and I've been suffering from aggressive acne for 6 years and despite the fact that my acne isn't as severe as it used to be It left my face with similar red scars and spots just like your photo, My dermatologist put me on a 6 month accutane course but I stopped taking it after about 3 weeks because my body couldn't handle the side effects.

I've had two erbium yag laser sessions and it also made my skin look worse !!! by the way which type of laser did you undergo?

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