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Birth Control Without Nausea?

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So I was on yasmin for years and it really helped me skin. It was only after I stopped taking it that I realised that I had been getting the symptoms of IBS and I think it was related to the pill, has anyone else experienced this? They seemed to stop as soon as I stopped taking it.

My skin has got a lot worse and I have decided that I want to go back on the pill, this seems to possibly be the only long term option that might help my skin. When I told the GP about my problems with IBS types symptoms from my last time on the pill they prescribed me a low dose pill called marvelon. Now when I try to take either pill I feel incredibly nauseous to the point where I have to just lie in bed. I've tried taking the pill in the evening but have only ever managed 3 days before the nausea has got too much and I have given up. Has anyone else had nausea when starting the pill? How long did it take to go away? Has any got any tips to help manage the nausea?

Also does marvelon have the same sort of effect on acne that yasmin does?

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Hi. I don't have any experience with BC nausea, but with any medication that causes nausea it helps to usually take it with food and water. Try to avoid taking it on an empty stomach and drink a whole glass of water with it. It's easier on your tummy. Hope it helps.

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When I first started Diane I was pretty nauseous too. I always took it at night around 11pm so I would just lie in bed and wait for it to pass. I never threw up or anything though. It didn't just go away one day it was kind of a gradual thing...maybe took just under 2 weeks for me to feel better?

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