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Hi, I'm 25 years old and I've been struggling with facial acne (chin, occasionally my brow too) and back acne since I was about 16. About three years ago my chin was relatively clear, to the point where I thought I was finally beating my acne, but then after the christmas of 2011 it just broke out there and has never been well and clear since. I'm not sure what caused it to go overboard then, I'm not sure why it continues to doggedly harass me, however I am certain it is hormonal acne, but unfortunately I'm not able to go on the pill due to a swallowing condition, so I just don't know what to do or where to turn with this. I live in England and have seen my GP, but have never been referred on to a dermatologist - my acne while persistent has never been considered severe enough to be referred... the downsides of a public health service that is terrifically under financed I suppose - and I can't afford to go private. Just recently after coming to the end of my tether at finding nothing that works (treatment wise that has been prescribed or otherwise) on my skin I started instead to re-evaluate my diet; cutting out processed foods, dairy, starting to take vitamin D supplements, omega 3 and drinking nothing but green tea or water etc etc... I've been on this diet for 1.5 months, and at first my skin got noticeably better, especially in concern to my back, but my chin continued to develop at least one or two rather large pus filled spots every 2 days or so that are almost always from the corners of my mouth and downwards rather than in the centre of my chin. I am not sure how I should be treating them to get rid of them, or why other areas of my body have responded more effectively to my dietary changes, which seems strange to me because my back has always been significantly worse than my face.

Anyway I am here because I've just come to my dreaded time of the month, and my skin is now basically back to being like it was before, despite continuing resolutely with my diet. I'm terribly despondent about it all and could really do with any suggestions, any at all, as to what else I can do to reduce my hormone levels. Or any other suggestions at all for that matter!

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Are they cysts? or pustules? big?

I used to get terrible cysts on my chin monthly, they woudl take forever to go and new ones would pop up as the older ones were still healing so it was a horrid cycle.

Fish oil helped me loads. It really has held back these cysts. Im not sure if you will have the same outcome but try it.

Good luck.

on another note, i one read a case study of a girl who had loads of chin pimples (covered) and she had a fungal infection. its unlikely you have that but just so you know, acne can be caused by many things

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