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Acne Vaccine Help

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Hi guys,

emailed the makers of an acne vaccine in Austria a little while ago and just saw their reply. I think it would be great if we could gather up a bunch of anonymous testamonials inorder to help them in search of investors - were estentially helping ourselves as well. The reply is provided below.


Thank you for the e-mail, and for providing details on your struggles with acne. We truly empathize and understand your frustration and desolation. We are always deeply touched to receive inquiries from patients like yourself, because you all are the reason we work so hard on this product.
Also thank you for your encouraging words. If you would like to support us, there is a possibility how you could actually help us in our effort to develop this badly needed cure. As you may know, research is very expensive and we are constantly in search of private and public investors. For this purpose it is important to create the awareness towards the big suffering associated with acne and the need for a real therapy. For example, it would be very helpful if we could use the text from your email, and/or if you would write a similar text (without revealing your full name or any private information) as a testimony on our webpage; this same text we could also use in the materials we present to our potential investors. There might be also other ways in which you could help us reach our goal sooner. If you would be interested to support us in our mission, we will be happy to discuss such possibilities with you.
Wishing you all the best with sincere regards

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