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Diane 35 Not Working 2Nd Time Around?

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Hello everyone,

So I started on Diane 35 a couple years ago and it took about 6 months to completely clear my skin. I had no problems, it was smooth, not oily, and very clear. So I stopped taking it, as it says on the instructions to stop taking it once the problem goes away. Well as you may have already guessed or experienced yourselves, I had a horrible breakout that lasted for months once I went off the Diane 35. I started taking it again about 3 months after I stopped, so there was only a 3 month gap where I wasn't on the Diane. It has been over a year (a year and three months now), and it's just not working for me anymore. It works *moderately* well, as in I haven't gotten as many cysts...but the fact is, I still get them. Horrible cysts, and breakouts all over. What's happening? It is just not going to work anymore?

Does anyone have experiences with this, or can give me advice on what to do now? My skin is almost as bad as before I went Diane in the first place. It kind of defeats the purpose of taking it at all!

Thanks in advance.

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I'm in literally the same position dianette work so good for years had a break went back on it and my chin was horrific .my doctor added antibotics which helped abit I didn't have a cyst for four months although I have one now .your hormones need to re balance its bloody frustrating !!

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