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Using Jojoba Oil Incorrectly

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I have really super extreamely oily skin lately and I've been using jojoba oil for over a month. Apparently jojoba oil is very close to human sebum so when you put it on your face it tricks your body into thinking it's produced enough oil. So I bought some and was just putting it directly all over my face and at first I thought it was working but then it seemed to stop working and my skin kept producing crazy oil. Then I read this article that said you can't just put it straight on your face, you have to mix it 50/50 with something else like a moisturizer or serum. So now I have high hopes for jojoba oil again. I have only started doing this the night before last but I see a difference already. It is also suppose to help acne too. Here is the article I read: [Removed]

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I'd personally disagree with about 80% of what that site says. I don't think they have a good understanding of how things work with the skin. Every person will react to products and ingredients differently. There is no ONE correct routine/product/ingredient.

And jojoba oil is not "too strong" (I don't even know what they mean by that) and there is nothing inherently wrong with putting it on your face straight. Some people will react well to it, some neutral, and some may break out. It has nothing to do with how you use it, it has to do with how your skin reacts to it.

Also mixing jojoba in your hand with aloe vera gel doesn't make much sense. Without proper emulsification, it's not likely that the aloe would absorb.

Most people can't rely on any one topical product or ingredient to be the thing that heals their acne, because it's not a topical problem. Products usually treat the symptom, not the problem, and skin adjusts to products any way. That's why for most of us, we'll find a product that works great for awhile, and then frustratingly it doesn't.

That being said, different oils will work differently for different people. Jojoba oil is a nice one because it can be useful for the broadest range of people - MOST people will react well, but not all. It's no miracle cure. I have found that mixing it with about 50/50 safflower oil is nice - as safflower oil is high in linoleic acid which can superficial help heal some blemishes.

I love using oils for my skin, but you'll have to experiment to find what is best for you. Avoid using nut oils (almond, walnut, etc) as they oxidize and go rancid easily. Both olive oil and coconut oil can be nice - but again, I know someone people's skin LOVE those, others skin HATE it. Trial and error unfortunately. When using new oils, spot test for about a week in one area that's prone to breakouts to see if it improves or worsens the condition.

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