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So when I turned 14 I noticed I started to get back acne. Now 15 I still have it. Recently I have noticed chest acne.

It's gross and embarrassing. I can't show my back I can't wear a bikini and I always wear long sleeves since I have some on my shoulder/ shoulder blade.

I recently got some on my chest and collar bones.

Please help me I don't know what to do.

I haven't tried any pills, is there any I can take?

I don't even know what to do i feel like it's taking over my life ;/

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Hi, I use to have this to. It is now completely clear.

so you probably already know all the usual acne tips but you back is totally different.

So here are my tips only wash your back and chest ounce a day because twice can be irritating

when your just sitting at home don't wear a bra cause it can irritate it

exercise to a point of sweating everyday as it will rid toxins from your body after you workout

shower so the sweat doesn't linger.

check you shampoo and conditioner as it runs down your back and it may be irritating your skin

wash you back after you shampoo and condition this will make sure the irritants are gone

the skin on your back and chest is thicker so you can use harsher cleaners that may have not worked on your face(of course not to harsh)

let your back and chest air dry as it will close the pores

you don't have to use a toner but I use which hazel

I put aloe vera gel and aczone mixed together on my back but your treatment is your choice

make sure you sleep in a clean shirt

of course change your pillow case

try getting some sun as it can help dry it out (if you absolutely cant get sun I suggest taking a vitamin d supplement)

of course water

eat healthy

you may want to cut out all diary and gluten and most dairy products are made with hormones

you could try detoxifying baths

of course don't pick or touch or scratch

if you use a lot of hair products try o wear your hair up as the oil on your hair can transfer

also use a laundry detergent that is for sensitive skin as sometimes you can be allergic to some of the ingredients

also always wear a clean bra

oh before you wash your back let hot water run over it to open the pores and get them ready for a cleaning

Finally Medications: I suggest you take a probiotic first before any antibiotics to see if it will help

take a multi vitamin

also look into taking an anti-inflammatory like turmeric

drink green tea its loaded with antioxidants and balances hormones

there birth control but I've been there and you have to wait 4 months to really know if it will work

you might want to get your hormone levels tested

If you've been washing your back like crazy and doing harsh stuff to it I suggest you maybe just rinse with water a few days and give you skin time to recuperate

Also meditate as it really distresses

That's all the tips I have me back acne was only on my upper shoulders but I know how it feels to just want to hide it and all. Keep your head up (= I honestly think when mine went away it was a true miracle lol good luck feel free to ask for more tips but that's all I can think of right now. Good luck and don't let acne win

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1. Proactiv Deep cleanser is an effective body wash. At your age, the whole Proactiv system will benefit you. If you can't get Proactiv, try the red bottle of Clean and Clear and the red toner- any cleanser with salicylic acid. Sleep with benzoyl peroxide on- over the counter, they're called "spot treatments."

2. See a dermatologist, get on antibiotics. Alternately, go to Planned Parenthood or the OBGYN on your family's insurance and ask for a birth control pill to balance acne-causing hormones.

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