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Did 1St Dermarolling Session Ever Yesterday And Guess What

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okay, one session one day later- not much is going to happen....you read up on what to expect right?

you really need to be well read on this procedure before you start- sterilize everything, before and after- use the right technique and after care is critical

oh and the most important one of all when rolling is BE PATIENT (that one always gets me too!)....I've been stamping for a couple of years and the progress in undeniable, slow but steady

what size roller did you use?

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i read tht somekinda swelling gonna happen nd u will look good for a couple of days?
yeea i sterelised for 40min in 70% alchohol n everything
wht do u mean patient, how long r u supposed to do it? it wasnt all tht long actually, it just hurt like hell at some parts, like i even had tears in my eyes bt i just rolled several times every area of face except undereye
how long do u mean?
bt im still not sure if mayb i shouldve roll even harder, i bled pretty little, i think id feel like i had done more if all face would have bled bt it was nly couple places
2.5 mm bt it looks like its barelly goes into skin (it doesnt feel like im piercing the skin, feels like just irritating n scratching it with metal scrub kinda)
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Haha oh my god... You didn't really expect it to fix anything right after the first time you used it did you?Are you sure you have a 2.5? I can't imagine it not barely piercing your skin. I have a 1.5 and I'm not sure if it's because I was using a .5 first but it's intimidating. They say you shouldn't you anything higher than 1.5 at home on yourself so I would be really careful. Have you already looked at this? http://dermaroller.owndoc.com/dermaroller-instructions.pdf It doesn't even have a waiting time period for a 2.5 but I wouldn't do it any sooner than in 7-8 weeks. I can't stress that enough. If you do it sooner you will damage your skin. If you google the dermaroller damaging people or not working it's cause they do it way more often than they should.

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hey i said i expected only temporary improvment, they call it swelling

i know far too well tht nothing works myself

idk y wait so long either bcs it doesnt feel like i did nything to my skin AT ALL bt like im nt sure of point of doing this at all either

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What exactly are you trying to improve? Scars? Because if you are just expecting temporary swelling I don't know how worth it that would be because yeah you'll be temporarily puffy but you're also going to be red and blotchy at the same time. I make sure I don't have to go anywhere the next day because you shouldn't wear makeup within 12 hours either.

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Hi- I PM'd you.

- Wait 7-8 weeks between sessions

- depending on how deep you went, you will peel and look worse, so treat it like a peel and hydrate with clean serums immediately after.

- don't use on active acne

- don't put makeup on over it the first 12 hrs

- if you're oily, it will stimulate more oil and potentially break you out

- dermarolling is for wrinkles and scars (not pimples, not scabs)

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texture (its just so superbad up close, like mayb its even somekinda mini/micro scaring goin on there?)
hyperpigmentation (blotches, patches, bleghshhh everywhere)
just dull tone n look (face color is different from whole body, it looks like i even taned mayb bt most light i daily ever get is like from my pc screen) i wanna b pale again :'C
do have some scars
scarred pores (those r huge deal for me!)
overall i look like i got punched in a face nd then draged across the rocky field facing ground ofc
didnt get this puffyness or evening out ur all speaking abt here, AT ALL
hey thnx for ur pm n concern n tips, i will answer here:
i know this nd when i was doing the dermarolling i didnt have any active acne nd like even if i had any i had them picked/extracted already nyway. also u can just avoid n go around spots u dnt wanna touch
also u say 12h after dermarolling but 48h in pm? nyways i had no time for this nd nothing such happened tht applying after dermarolling could be blamed for, basically nothing happened from it
(i did wait ~day tho, bt dnt remember precise)
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