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Hello everyone

I just want to share with everyone what has been working recently for my acne. I have been taking morgidox 100mg for about 6 weeks now which hadnt done much for my acne by itself. Now i am using aczone gel on my trouble spots and i began to saw my acne slowly but surely clear up but it wasnt gone completely. So i started something different and thats using Zinc oxide 20% and Ichthammol ointment as a spot treatment.

I have read on here zinc is great for your acne and the ichthammol really helps to get those persistent pimples that just seem to not want to leave.

I have also used the ichthammol ointment on the random cysts that i have been getting and it does wonders, It really helps decrease there size and heal faster.

I know this wont work for everybody, especially since I am on two perscriptions ( aczone and doxy) but I can honestly say since using the zinc and ichthammol my acne has improved a great deal!

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I'm a big ichtamol fan, big fan....what product combines them both? or do you just combine them yourself?

Im turning into a big fan myself but there is no product that combines the two, none that I am aware of. What I do is when i get home from the gym i wash my face then apply the ichtammol and i leave it on till about 8 at night, then i wash it off and apply the zinc and leave that on until i shower.

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I know this thread is a little old, but I have been looking for a place to share my ichthammol experience. I have had this hard, non-inflamed lump under my skin on my left cheek for three months. I don't remember if there was a zit there or if I squeezed something I shouldn't have, but it's just been sitting there, unchanging. I heard about ichthammol when I was looking for help with deep-seated, old ingrown hairs. Not only did it work on those without causing any kind of scabbing/scarring/mess (halleluja!), but it worked on my resident cyst. I am so happy!

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