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Acne And Red Marks - Suggestions?

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hi Guys,

Looking for some advice. I have had acne for about 8 years, it times it has been bad enough to be considered severe but its been predominantly moderate.

I am now 22 and it is getting slightly better with age, it was at it's worst when i was 16 or so. I have undergone treatment with tonnes of antibiotics, currently seeing a derm and i'm on erythromicin and duac, i cleanse with a tea tree glycerine soap and apply salcura antiac as a tonner (the original one).

My skin doesn't look too bad just now and i'm not the kind of person who let's it bother me much. However, despite not having that much active acne, i have a lot of red marks, of varying intensities and a bit of depression/scarring although nothing too bad.

Once/if my acne goes away entirely, i will address the depressive scarring if it is bad enough. Probably with laser treatment or something.

But in the mean time i'd like to do something about the red marks, pigmentation and bad completion. I do still have some active acne but i think the worst is over and i think it would be worth treating the redness etc. I live int he Uk and i dont think my NHS derm will help me with this, although i will ask next time i see him. So i'll probably be looking at either products i can buy to address it (AHA?) or maybe something from a local private skin place like this ( https://www.sknclinics.co.uk/ ).

any suggestions on what might be a good thing to try to improve my completion and fade a lot of these old marks, but without aggravating current/active acne?

your thoughts are appreciated,


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My honest opinion is that red marks should not be your focus. You need to address the route of issue, not just try methods of papering over the cracks, i.e. you need to address your acne. I am not the person to tell you how exactly you should go about doing this for that would be both irresponsible and ill-advised. But I think it goes without saying that having acne for so long and not seeing a huge amount of progress you should consider a change in approach (I'm not one to espouse weird homeopathic/herbal crap - I'm talking NHS-recommended pragmatic solutions).

I speak from a firsthand point of view here, in fact it's almost eerie the way your short account mirrors my own up until a couple of yrs ago. Don't waste your time, your money, and most importantly your hope on overpriced consumer-hyped crap aimed at removing red marks. In short, at best it makes a small difference in the time it takes for your marks to fade - and I mean really small.

Look to the cause. Best of luck :)

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Thanks guys. My acne is not bad at all just now, that was my point. I mainly just have red marks. Occasionally it flares up but the duac and antibiotics keep it under control and it is getting better with age anyway. I wouldn't touch accutane, it may be very effective but my skin isn't bad enough IMO to take the risks associated with it.

As i said, i am using DUAC, but i think i will ask my derma to switch me to Epiduo, so that i am getting the benefits of BP with retino- A.

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