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1 Week Off Accutane.

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ive just got off accutane after a 4 months course. im 140 pounds / 5'9-10 and was on 40mg.

the course is no way near my cumulative dose, dunno why. my derm i guess.. i have minimal but persistent acne ( tried antibiotic/topical etc for a year or 2 )

after those 4 months my face is clear, still got some red marks of course.

but my upper back still broke out!!!

last week i had zero zits on my back, but right now broken out on 2 zits, my back acne is always big zit like cyst. take week to heal. never have those on face tho.

i never got clear 100% on my back in my entire course. there was always that one zits.

do you guys think i will have to take a second course ?????

i have an appointment in the beggining of september, so in a month and 10 day.

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nah i dont have any pics, but wasnt that bad just persistent and nothing worked.

my back was more bad but not THATT BAD, like no bleeding and extreme shit like that, just 6-7 pimples but big most of the time.

on and off all the time.

only upper back also,

no chest or other places.

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I have read a few studies indicating trunk acne (acne that occurs on your body) may be more resistant to isotretinoin treatment. in other words, the acne on your back may not clear up completely, even with accutane. Are you male or female? If you are female, bacne can often be related to hormones, so you might consider trying birth control or spironolactone.

And yes, you can always try a second course. Did your dermatologist stop the mediation or put you on a lower dose for any particular reason (i.e, health concerns or side-effects?)?

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