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I laughed when I read the Myth "Diet and Acne are related"

Truth is "We need more research"

That is the biggest joke on this website. This site has a lot of good things to offer "acne medications reviews", "forums", and a community where people with acne can come, but come on!

The link between Dairy and Acne has been clearly seen by many researchers. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-mark-hyman/do-milk-and-sugar-cause-a_b_822163.html

I could honestly go on with link after link but I will allow you to do that for yourselves.

There is no coincidence that Eastern Cultures have a unbeliavlby low amount of people that deal with acne, but Western Civilization is plauged with it... Coincidence? Nope.

I would advise anybody who suffers from Acne (such as me), to look more deeply into the link between Diet and Acne, and what you can change in your life to reduce your acne.

I am on week 2 of my Dairy free, low Glycermin index diet.

Will keep updated with results.

I just wrote this post so my fellow acne suffers can at least look into the TRUTH, I am dissapointed that this site would flat out lie to us like that.

The reason dermatoligsts will not tell you this information is because they do not want people to get cured of their acne, they want customers. Companies that make Benzoyl, Tretoin, and other acne medications would go out of buisness if people started eating well to stop their acne. I'm not saying that modern medication can't help, it very well can. But there is balance between Diet, and medication.

If you wanna solve your acne, you must solve it from the inside out!

Much love my fellow acne suffers!

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I agree that diet is important, especially for some people. But it is not the cure all for some like myself. Since 2011 I have been dairy and gluten free as well as paleo for extended periods of time, juicing, green smoothies, exercising/stress reduction, you name it, i do it and yet still I have acne. While diet can help and sometimes put acne in remission, for some of us, we have to look for alternate routes as well (hormonal, topical, etc)

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I would like to share my experience. I am suffering from acne since 1 and a half year, I read on internet about the connection of diet and acne. I stopped eating foods that contain gluten, intake of sugar and salt, dairy food, processed food and all types of junk food. I just had green veggies, fruits, green tea, lime water. But it had been so long i did not saw any betterment in my acne. After every 3-4 days, there is a new pimples on my face and my acne was getting worse. So the thing i want to tell is that good diet is not a treatment to acne for everyone , i agree that a diet has a important role with acne but it does not cure everyone's acne because there are several causes of acne. Diet is one of them, secondly, acne is also caused by hormonal disbalance, poor hygiene, extreme use of harsh chemicals on skin etc.

Well, I have tried so many homemade natural treatment on my acne but as you know external treatment is only temporary. Currently i am having homeopathic treatment which is working good for me. Hope my acne gets cured soon.

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I got rid of my acne by using bp 5%, and i didn't change my diet. I know a lot of people who eat fastfood almost every day and they don't have acne.

well thats because not everyone is the same or affected by diet but most are if there acne prone

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