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Need Serious Help, Sever Acne And Severe Acne Scars

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This is my last ditch effort to find a cure before I go insane and suicidal. I've been struggling with very severe acne since 7th grade. About 13 years old, I'm 20 now. I have it so bad I dont even want to leave my room but I have to. I have had severe acne everywhere almost. I have it all over my back with severe scars on my back, mind I tell you I have been picking my acne for a long time in hopes to hide it when I go in public. But in return you probably know this creates scars. Continuing I have acne on my neck all around, SEVERE scars on my neck I am so sad about that and acne on my face with severe scars and wrinkles. I have tried everything I don't know what to do. I went to the dermatologist a few years ago and I started to get clear but then my mom couldn't afford it anymore. Now I work and outside job and not sure if I should go back because I know a lot of times when trying to cure scarring and acne you're suppose to stay out of the sun. Please help, acne regimens for deep bad acne scars and wrinkles on my face and for my entire back and neck.

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Hi Dylemma,

i am probably not much help but I would strongly suggest you see a derma if you can afford too now that you are working..

It is ok if you work outdoors but you must cover up and wear a wide brim hat and lots of sunscreen.

Good luck :)

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Have you tried Accutane? Never give up on acne, it IS treatable & even if you never do find your cure, soo many people have acne. It sucks, but youre not abnormal. Hang in there!

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Definitely post a pic and a list of things you've tried. With sever acne that scars, you need to see a derm as soon as possible. Even if you work outdoors, they have strong sunscreen that can protect your skin. Hopefully you'll post a response so we can offer advice.

Best of luck to you and know that you are in great company - we are a very supportive bunch!

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Will post some pics of my acne and scars. I used to have cystic acne I think it is the huge puss pimpes. But I got over that now I have never ending spots of acne over my face.

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Hey, I was in the same boat as you for a while...started getting severe acne a little after my 11th birthday. I've been on every antibiotic, even ones that aren't commonly prescribed for acne, Accutane at 80 mg twice and every topical you can think of.

My awful years of severe acne are FINALLY gone with strict use of the regimen, except I use Tazorac instead of Dans AHAS. The Tazorac is an important aspect of why my skin finally cleared. I also use a low strength glycolic toner and switch between this and taz every night. It took about two months to finally clear BUT it was honestly a miracle and completely unexpected. I was honest to God suicidal at that point because I was left with horrible scarring on top of existing severe acne. I didn't even recognize myself in the mirror anymore because of the disfigurement I'd been left and all the damage that had been done. I don't have any pictures of my previous acne, but if you'd like, I can send a picture of my scarring as proof of just how bad my acne was.

Also, picking at acne may contribute to scars, but chances are if you have severe acne it WILL scar one way or another regardless if you picked or not. It's a common misconception that scars means you picked at your acne. I have severe scarring and did not pick at my acne, ever.

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