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Did Accutane Increase Your Cholesterol? (Share Your Story)

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Did Accutane Increase your cholesterol?

How soon was that?

What plan did you follow, please share your story.

As for me, I'm almost a month thriugh, and it did increase my cholesterol cinsiderable.

Before Roaccutane It was 5.1 and it is now 6.2! :| (acceptable is upto 5.2)

My HDL was 1.97 and it is now 2.14 (acceptable is 0.91-2.07)

My LDL was 2.9 and is now 3.9 (acceptable is under 3.5)

Just saw mer dermatologist who increased the dose from 30 to 40, and presribed "Lipitor" (10 mg) for me to fight the cholesterol.

Frankly, I read the side effects of lipitor, and I think this is too much for my body.

I think I'll give my self one month on real decent diet, and see what happens before I use the Lipior.

This is my story.

Will be glad to hear yours.


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my derm doesn't really discuss the results of my blood tests with me, but after the second month she told me my cholesterol had raised at the end of month 1 and was getting very high in the results form the end of month 2. she said we'll just have to 'keep an eye on it', but im now half way through month 4 and she never said anything else about it, and i wlays forget to ask her so i'm not too worried. it should go back dwn after i've finished the course, however she said even before the accutane my cholesterol was on the high side so i might have to take action for the health side of it.

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It did for me, and my derm assured me it was completely normal, although he decided to stop my course at 6 months instead of continuing to 7 because of it. It will normalize after, I am not too concerned. It's a rather common side-effect of isotretinoin, but complications are very rare as far as I've read.

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