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I am just venting, because I know that only people with acne could understand me. I am 16 years old and have dealt with acne for 6 years now. It's always been mild to moderate acne. Except every so often I will get a really terrible cystic breakout. This last one that I had was the worse one ever. I'm travelling in Europe right now, and I noticed right away when I stepped off the airplane that I had a lot of new bumps. I wasn't too concerned though. 3 days later I am having the worse cystic breakout of my life. I have been stuck in the hotel room for the past 3 days because of how acne effects me mentally and emotionally. There was a ball I was suppose to attend tonight, that I was soooooo looking forward to back at home. Makeup can't even cover these damn thins because half of them are open wounds now that leak fluid and are crusting. I'll admit that I was squeezing them a lot, but that was only to relieve the physical pain as quickly as possible. I tried liquid bandaids but it didn't work. I just don't know how to handle this anymore. I really abated to go to the ball because it's being held in the royal palace here in Vienna. However, all the women and teenagers who attend these functions are sooooo fake and phoney. I just know that I would be miserable because of the physical and emotional pain of acne. I am sorry for venting, it's just that I am so frustrated and done with my acne. Luckily when I get back home I have a chemical peel and laser therapy scheduled. That should help with all he damage. I would just like to know if anyone else had to make difficult decisions like this.

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I know exactly what you are going through . I'm 22 right now and I have acne, acne scars , and hypertrophic scars in my chest and shoulders . For me , acne is not really the problem anymore , it's the scars I'm stuck with. Back in my teenage years I had really bad acne especially through my middle school years . I remembered people would constantly would make fun of me and that made me very sled conscious about myself and all I wanted to do is hide. I didn't want to school or do anything. I felt like I was missing out in a lot of school events and making friends but acne kinda made me shy away from that . High school years acne was not as severe . Just my sophomore year I remembered I had really dried skin and people would look at me in awe and just stare. Around this period i started getting a lot of chest and shoulder acne as well. I had cysts all over my fans and it was just bad. I tried avoiding conversations with people and just wanted to be home. I was extremely depressed and missed out . It was not till my jr and senior year that my acne finally started calming down. After high school till now I'm haut dealing with acne scars and hypertrophic scars. I have a pump in my right side of the neck and I'm very sled conscious about it. I'm

Sorry this is really long but all I'm trying to say yes having acne, Acne scars or anything to do with acne sucks , but hey will get through this trust me it will get better just stay positive and keep your head up !

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