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I began the caveman regime on July the 5th of 2014. I plan to document every single day from now on to share my experience with all fellow acne sufferers. Hopefully my experience with this regime will be worth it and will encourage others to try it if successful. I've suffered with acne since I was 12 years old and I am now 20 years old. I am tired of spending hundreds of dollars on products that seem to always fail to fix my acne in the long run. I am tired of being ashamed of my acne and having a low self-esteem. I have tried all products in the market and now its time for me to allow my body to do what it was created for---to heal itself. So from now on all that will touch my face is distilled water once every 28 days and that will be it. I will post pictures every Sunday if possible to document any changes. And the journey begins:

Day 1:

I noticed my T-zone is oilier than usual but besides that no new acne.

Day 2:

I still have an oily T-zone but I noticed that my skin is also very itchy and tight. I have some blackheads around my lips and nose. I also have a lot of white heads from pimples that haven't been able to surface until now. No new pimples.

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Day 3: Today my T-zone is still oily. I do notice all my acne are whiteheads. Finally the pimples on my forehead have surfaced to a head. I notice a lot of whiteheads around my moth and chin still. No itchiness today, yes! I heard the 4th day is the turning point for most, so I hope to see any changes.

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Good Luck. It would be great to see pictures of your journey at different stages - I don't think that has been documented well on this site.

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Best of luck.

I've been thinking about doing this regimen but I'm too scared because I'm 80% clean and I don't want to loose it (but I also think I'm using too many products), maybe your forum is the thing I need to try it.

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