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Hey everyone, i've had this sh*tty cystic type of pimple on my nose. Ive had acne since i was 14, but im 24 now and only get smallwhiteheads that usually lasts couple days, nothing serious..

But something happens to my nose once every year for the past 3 years. I get this under the skin acne on the same spot of my nose, days pass it gets rounder and cystic. I ccant pop it, last time i had one (last year) took a month to go away plus another month for the scab to heal because i kept ln picking at it and damaged the skin open. Ive had a scar from this.

Anyways, ive been reading on here to use tea tree oil, well i have, its been 4 days ive had this cyst, been using the tea tree oil for 3 days combined with witch hazel. The bump is still visible but my sking turned brown and hard, and peeling.. Im thinking of going to the dermatoligist for a cortisone shot then again i was reading how it leaves a dent. Why am i worried and rushing? Well i am a usher at a wedding on July 11th.. Its killing me!!

Should i continue to ice it daily? or apply hot water on it? Im really considering getting a cortisone shot.. All day this is on my mind, its depressing

Thanks everyone!

Pictures are from the first 2 days. I will take a fresh one today







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A cortisone shot might be a good idea as it will reduce inflammation and possibly reduce the chances of scarring (it won't necessarily prevent it from coming back though).It is unlikely that BP or any topical will make it go away. I would go to the dermatologist to get it checked out.

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