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Can Someone Tell Me What This Is On My Back?

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Hi there people,

I'm a female, 23 and this is my first post on here as I have never had a problem with spots etc before I have always had perfect skin up until the last year.

Anyway I have these on my upper back. It's also on my forehead slightly and is spreading to my chest. I've tried clindamycin gel and doxycycline with very little improvement. I cut out dairy and also drank lots of water... Still no change.

Any ideas on what it is? Or what to try?




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Maybe it's the shampoo or soap you're using? Certain things could cause bacne or body acne. Try to eliminate harsh chemical contained products. If not, it could probably be of the dead skin cells that accumulated to that (sebaceous glands and sebum stuff). Kojic Acid is sort of a lightening bleach that i think could also help with spots/pimples. Try to have an appointed check up with a dermatologist too :)

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Hi, this is my first post here and hope I'm gonna help you or at least bring something helpful..

This kind of spots and pimples has different types and forms.

There are some reasons such as genetic factors, tension and stress, microbes, skin cleaning and clothing for the emergence of these spots in the back, forehead and maybe in the chest area.

Secondly, stuff that I wouldn't suggest: Cosmetics that contain chemicals.

So these are some simple and effective tips and remedies to get rid of those spots:

Important tips should be taken with the treatment:

1. Wear good quality of kinda baggy clothes. Avoid tight clothing, especially in this period.

2. Expose pillows covers and bedding to the sun every 3 days.

3. Clean those pimples and spots with medical disinfectant soap.

The most important thing that helps in the treatment is psychological comfort because

tension increases the disorder of your hormones.

More than one way to natural treatment for your situation:

Mint and chamomile:

==> Bring some chamomile & dry Mint herbs and use amount of two tablespoons every day.

==> Boil the used quantity and leave it till it becomes warm.

==> Bring cotton piece, immerse it in the chamomile & mint, and then pass it on the affected areas.

==> Do it from twice to three times a day.

Lettuce and milk to your forehead:

Lettuce is used to treat acne as a mask, so this is what you should do:

==> Take some fresh green lettuce leaves.

==> Add to them some low-fat milk or skimmed one.

==> Boil lettuce leaves with milk on low heat for a minute.

==> Cut the lettuce leaves into 4 divisions.

==> Take the sliced leaves from the milk and put them on your forehead or spots area.

==> Lie on your back and your face upright.

==> Stay in that position for 20 to 30 minutes.

==> After that, remove all those stuff and then wash your face with lukewarm water but don't use any soap in order to get your skin the benefit from lettuce oil and milk remnants.

This post took from me some time and hope again to be helpful for you or perhaps for someone has same problem.

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Some things that i do which help in this department with very similar bumps:

- I use cetaphil antibacterial soap on just my back and upper body

- Try to reduce sweating on my back, and if i do sweat i change my shirt as soon as possible or take it off.

- Let you back breathe, when home do not wear tight clothing. This is hard because you will be tempted to pop them.

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