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Acne, Swimming, Sun, Just Have Some Questions

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Basically I have always had mild to moderate acne, and lately have gotten some sun, which makes it worse... But I'll be in the sun all summer near a swimming pool, (paid job) and I know I can use sun screen but at the same time sun makes it look better (then worse, I know), and I feel like chlorine makes it worse (not sure if the pools use chlorine or not yet), but I know chlorine water always makes my face red / dry. But I have bacne, chest acne, and facial.... Tho my chest is more at the point where it's pretty clear but red. I'm just sick of acne tbh. My first assumption is that my sleep apnea is causing my acne but who really knows. I am working on the sleep apnea problem right now.

Any tips to maybe help clear it up and not get worse over the summer? Will swimming all summer make it better/worse? How about a steam room? I'm just done with it... I order a regime from advanced dermatology which is probably another waste of money but I'm at the point where I'll give anything a fair trial. I would scalp my face if I knew Id never have to deal with acne again.

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You can try "The R egimen," it work wonders for me. Although I dont have tons of acne I've always watched youtubers and they're experience with it. Its really good and I myself is trying it out and currently in the third week. But before you try it, make sure to look at the reviews and its "going to happen", so you are prepared. It also has intructions for back acne and stuff. Hope this helps.

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