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Keloid And Hypertrophic Scar Sufferers, Look Here

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Hi guys, I have been researching about keloid scars thoroughly and I found some possible causes. I think I have a keloid myself, and I am trying to cure it as well. Hopefully by spreading this information it will help with curing their keloids as well, and finding out possibly other ways to cure it by using this information.

Ok, so, based on my research these may be causes and cures:

1. Telomere – it was proven that keloids have short telomere, telomere is connected with aging. In order to lenghten the telomere one should use antioxidants. Look at the link:


2. MSM – another possible cause may be low content of sulfur. I have found at least 7-10 testimonials on various website (forums), where people were talking about them curing their keloid by using MSM. Keloids started fading over time, usually lower dose yielded slower results, while mega doses faster. Some people were also using MSM cream in conjuction to MSM powder. People had more experience in fading flat or sunken scars though. But it worked on keloids as well. Btw, MSM is antioxidant as well.

3.Vitamin D3- I have found reports where people cured their keloids by taking Vitamin D3, look at the link:


4. Fish Oil- to be more precise, EPA/DHA/Omega 3 acids. Research shows that keloids have lower amounnt of EPA/DHA. Fish oil had most effect on lowering fibroblasts in keloid. There were various reports of people on internet which claimed that their keloids disappeared by taking fish oil. One person has even been taking mega doses. Anyways, link below focuses on topical application of fish oil.


5. Iodine – Keloids may also be caused by lack of iodine in their bodies. Japanese have enough iodine in their diets, that is why keloids formation in japanese is very uncommon, unlike people in western countries. Dr Derry has done research and tried using iodine on keloids scars of their patients. He had huge success in improving existing scars and other skin conditions. Also people on the internet claim that their keloids improved or disappeared by taking iodine internally, or applying it externally. Both ways worked. Look at the following article:


6. CoQ10- antioxidant. There have been at least 2 reports of curing them. One lady on earthclinic cured her keloids above her lip by using the Nivea CoQ10 daytime cream, after 2 weeks keloid started shrinking and after 6 weeks it disappeared completely. I also found one report of woman who was taking number of supplements, one of them was CoQ10, and keloid on her belly disappered. I cannot find the report anymore, but I did find it 2-3 months ago.

7. Well,and at the end, one last report, which I think is very important as well, and educational, of one person from curezone who cured her scars by doing cleanses,fasts,etc.


So, if you will connect the dots, the cause may very well be short telomere, or iodine, or low amount of EPA/DHA in keloid. In order to lengthen the telomere in keloids one should try taking or applying one of hte things I mentioned above. Antioxidants, which have proven to be successful in curing the keloid may be the way. MSM, CoQ10, and even vitamin C (there has been one report of keloids shrinking with O.J. with Pure Radiance Vitamin C) are antioxidants.

Btw, there is one more thing, look at this link, it is quite to see pictures of keloid falling off , don't you guys think? This may be cure as well.


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