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Lower Back Body Acne Causes?

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Hi there. I don't get acne on my shoulders, and do have mild to moderate acne on my face/neck area, but for some reason over the past 6 months or so I have been breaking out REALLY BAD on my back. I get very deep cystic pimples on my LOWER back, and I know you are not supposed to pick at them, but I do it until it scabs over and I usually start picking at the scabs too. I just think it's strange that I barely get anything on my shoulders/chest area, but my lower back.... my god it looks like pizza.

I just started taking the birth control pill two months ago, so I'm waiting to see if that helps. Does anyone think it could be an allergy to something? I'm really unsure.

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so hard to say, I used to get them on my upper shoulders and neck...dead sea salt baths, real sea salt, a few times a week if you can in very warm water- search this site here for more testimonials, that's what got me started

and it could be diet, but so hard to say- for me I completely avoid gluten and maybe 80% avoid dairy at this point and I rarely get cysts anymore--- but we are all different

good luck to you

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