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How Long Does Accutane Start To Work

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Hi All,

I'm due to start taking accutane again next Monday when I've been on birth control 2 weeks. I'm 31 years old and this will be my 4th course - admittedly I did not take the 3rd course properly though. It's been so long since the last course and even longer since the other two , so I cannot remember how long it took to work at all!! If anyone is currently on it especially those who have similar acne to me please share your experience. Need some light at the end of this rubbish tunnel!!!

My current 'type' of acne. Is mild-moderate but very widespread/numerous and resistant pustular acne on my chin and near my mouth. Then randomly (never had this before) horrible but less widespread painful cystic acne on my scalp!!!!

Oddly my acne seems to have changed every time it has come back. And it is currently acne armageddon on my chin. Took Eurthromycin which cleared up my chin but did nothing for my scalp, and then Lymecyline - limited results with both chin and scalp then Minocyline which I had a hideous reaction to and broke out like crazy after a week of stopping taking it and only 4.5 weeks on it!!!

Also who's had a the initial dreaded breakout and who hasn't - experienced this the first time but defs not 2nd and 3rd.

Sooo brining in the big guns with the accutane.

Please share your experiences xx

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Depends on each person,for you it should start to work at the same time it did on your previous courses.

For me,i don't know. This is my first week taking it. I'm not experiencing an IB and my old pimples are drying out. Anyways initial breakouts are normally expected between week 2 and 4.

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Good Luck! I finished my 3rd course in 2013 and it definitely was a tough course for me. Mentally and physically. I broke out in eczema patches which i NEVER had before and i developed acne in places that i never developed it before. Ultimately, it was not as successful as my two previous courses. But hoping for the best for you! Here's to beautiful skin in 6 month.

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I think my skin really started to improve at the 4 month mark. However, once things started to get better, I was on a roller coaster that only went up! It was amazing and I really hope you have the same results. Good luck!

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I'm on accutane for 2 more days then my 6 months will be complete, I haven't got any acne or a spot for about 2 months but I got these red marks which make it look like I still have spots:( my doc said I don't have any scars but I'm just worried because everyone's seems to be gone by 6 months?

I've heard your meant to shed skin I was just wondering how long does it take and anything I can do for marks

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I've been on accutane for little over a month now and my skin is already clear. I'm on 20mg and so far I haven't had an initial breakout. My doctor tells me I'm less likely to have one at my low dose but that it's still possible that it might happen later.

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Thanks all keeping everything crossed. I got Eczema pretty bad last time Leelowe, so have stocked up on the Epiderm and Dermalax, hoping it won't be as bad as last time was winter and I get super dry skin in winter - despite the greasy face!!!

ihateacne96 if your derm says they're not scars it's probably hyper pigmentation, this will most certainly go but it does take time. I had a beast of a spot Easter 2013 that took ages to go and whilst there's not a pitted mark as it wasn't deep there is still faint hyper-pigmentation over a yr on!!!! Mine go purple as Iwell as 'm so pale!!

Here's what I would do, wait it out another 2-3 months until the sensitivity calms then try a face wash with low level salicylic acid in - make sure it's for sensitive skin, Clean & Clear do a sensitive wash for spot prone skin in the UK with Aloe I've used that for 6 months, v calming and not drying. Salicyliac acid is a natural exfolient. Maybe just use once a day though. You could also think about exfoliating with a scrub once a week, but again make sure it's for sensitive skin. I wouldn't do anything heavy duty until around 9 months post when you could start thinking about glycolic washes. I use one from Jan Marini (pricey but amazing for controlling my skin and lasts forever) again maybe use every other day and work your way up to twice a day over a couple of months if you feel that's ok. After a year you could start thinking about night serums with glycolic or AHA's in if they're still bothering you. Murad, Jan Marini and Avene do good ones. Also after the 2 month mark get yourself a good oil free factor 50/60 sunscreen for the face and get out in the sun a few hours week – this will really help.

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Thankyou! It's been 4 days now and I'm starting to shed skin abit, I'm finding it really hard to keep out of the sun and I think my skin goes red if there's any interaction with the sun, I really hope it's not that hyper pigmentation that would suck I've had acne for 4 years now and it's finally gone just want the marks to go! Thankyou for you reply I'll guess I'll just wait :/

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