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I wanted advice from anyone about what type of vitamin a they have taken to treat their acne. I've been reading the forums and ive seen that a lot of people have had great success with vitamin a so i went and bought some. But then I realized it comes it different forms so i bought another one too. But im unsure which type will be best or if i need to buy a different type. Originally about a vitamin 25,000 iu derived from fish liver oil. the other kind i have is retinyl palmitate. Or should i buy another kind that is dry vitamin a?

I am very aware of the severity of vitamin a, I've been on accutane before but i broke out slowly afterwards. I have extremely oily skin and sweating and exercising only exacerbates breakouts. the accutane helped to maintain the oil and keep me clear but i had to avoid sweating of any kind.

Really im very desperate and i know that vitamin a can be potentially dangerous but im going to take it anyways.

So please help me if you can with your advice.

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Vitamin-A is pretty much the exact same thing as accutane. If you experienced side-effects with accutane, you will get the same sides with vitamin-a.

I have personally not used accutane, but i have tried vitamin-a (from fish liver oil) 25,000iu a day for 4 days and I got wrecked. I got severe redness of skin (rosacea) and extreme drynes, broke out badly also ofcourse. If you have no existing redness/rosacea then accutane or vitamin-a might work for you, but I just couldn't risk it developing further.

If oil production is your primary problem causing acne, vitamin-b5 might help. It contests for the same receptors as biotin. Biotin ups oil production, so blocking it with b5 might help. However, then you will suffer from biotin deficiency side effects (dry looking hair, weak nails etc.) and risk of "b5 poisoning" which to some people is a myth, but there is some scary stories out there with chronic b5 overdose.

Though, the skin being very oily can also mean your acne is hormonal (as chest acne usually is). But trying to mess with your hormones definitely has side effects.

Anyways, in the end no matter what acne "treatment" you try, there is always a cost / sacrifice to pay for it.

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