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Do Guys Even Care About Girls With Acne?

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I mean, some people say guys care, some guys say that girls with acne are disgusting. I got told im ugly today because I have acne. You cant really see it too well in this picture, but I have acne on my t-zone. My question is, is it really that big a deal to the opposite sex??? [removed]


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I'll say that acne is merely one part of a person. There's so many different things including personality that matter. Just do your best to be a nice & outgoing person, and being healthy should help you along!

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I'm a girl and lots of people even my bestfriend make fun of my acne. Sometimes it could be irritating but don't take it seriously.

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I have got rid of acne using Pure Chimp Super Cleanser.

It is good for skin prone to acne and it costs not much. It's gently buy effective.

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I tell you one thing and that is that you are beautiful full stop. Whether it a guy or girl who is making fun of you they aren't worthy of your worry or friendship, truly with all the other beautiful physical attributes you have acne will do little to deter the right guy.

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