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Has Anyone Ever Only Received A 20-Day Supply Of Accutane? Did You Receive Another 10-Day Supply After That?

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Yesterday I had my second month appointment and the doctor boosted me up to 60 mg a day. However, she said that the manufacturer that made the 30 mg Zenatane was not manufacturing that dosage for the next 2-3 months. So, she said I should take 40 mg one day, then 80 mg another day and wrote the prescription that way.

When I went to the pharmacy, and the pharmacist would only give me one box of 40 mg pills (30-day supply). He said if he gave me two boxes that would be more than my 30-day supply required, and that was against the law. The irony is that he had plenty of 30-day supplies of 30 mg boxes but he couldn't give me that because that wasn't how the prescription was written. So now I only have a 20-day supply!

Did anyone ever go in early and get only a 10-day supply?

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Umm I'd say your pharmacist goofed up . I have two boxes of 40mg for 30 days. Taking 1 40mg capsule twice a day for a total of 80mg a day. So if I wanted (but why would I?), I could take one 40mg a day and would have a 60 day supply. Not against the law to be distributed that way. You need to call your dermatologist to clarify the prescription with your pharmacist.

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Umm I'd say your pharmacist goofed up .

You're so right! I just called the Accutane coordinator in my doctor's office, and she said he could've taken medication out from another 40 mg box and get me up to the 30-day supply that way. So I will take another pregnancy test in 20 days, and they'll call in a month's prescription then.

Thanks for the reply! :)

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