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Impossible To Wash My Face

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all the soaps i use are breaking me out. the one i have now is making things better in terms of how my skin looks. but it gives me big cysts and pustules! had 2 emerging last week. had another 2 emerging now. it can not be a coincidence. so i am back looking for the ideal face wash on the market after having tried pretty much everything.

i even tried not washing my face at all. that works for a while but eventually pimples come out massively after a few weeks.

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The same thing happened to my son. He cannot tolerate commerical cleansers. I know it sounds strange, and it smells odd, but consider nonfat yogurt. The greek type is not as messy as it is creamy. All you need is a small amount, rub around your skin, leave on for a few minutes if you like, then rinse. Breathe through your mouth if the smell bothers you. He uses Fage Nonfat Plain. It can also be used as a mask and spot treatment.

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I have the same issue. Look into using glycosides to cleanse. Examples are soapnuts, soapwort root, yucca root, and stevia. I'm using stevia now and it doesn't break me out horribly like normal cleansers do.

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