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Being A Hyper-Skinny + Acne Prone Man...insanely Frustration :(

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Hey all, this is my first post here, I have been lurking for quite some time via Google. (like most people obsessed with their acne I would assume)

But I think it's finally time I joined the community

ANYWHO, I have a bit of a dilemma.

I am both very skinny, and have Moderate acne on my Face, Back, Shoulders and Chest. These two health issues really, really, really, really do not get along at all!

I'm 24 years old and stand 6 feet tall at about 125-130 pounds, on top of the acne annoyance.

I personally believe, being super skinny and acne prone is the worst combination of "treatable" health issues. Everything that helps one issue, exacerbates the other. They also dont look too healthy when combined. (Despite my doctors insisting their is nothing wrong with me, "Youre just naturally super thin and acne prone" meehhhhh)

To treat Acne, you need to cut out or limit a lot of foods from your diet...such as Milks, Oats, most nuts, excess proteins so forth and so on.

To Gain Weight the healthy way, you need to work out a lot, drink lots of milk, eat lots of oats and nuts, fatty meats, and soy/whey protein drinks.

I'm at a loss I dont know what I can eat that will help me gain weight, but also not break me out more than I already do.

I'm usually a pretty down key kind of guy and dont let many things get under my skin...but, argh, I hate hating my body :*( It doesnt want to agree with me!

Basically, im here to ask for some help, have any of you had similar experiences and would be willing to share some secret I may have missed? I would love you forever!


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They say that the liver not being able to work well leads to acne. So maybe that is what you need target. Everyone has a unique body and skin, are you sure that these foods will severely break you out every time you have them?

You could try triphala, it did wonders to my skin, after 3-4 weeks of consuming, my skin stopped being oily, literally! And as a result, my acne reduced a lot. I already was a vegetarian, and I also cut down on dairy and gluten(mostly wheat based food) consumption, but did not stop eating it completely.

Tips about using triphala: Don't consume in the evening.

Check this out too:



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