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Persistent Mouth/jawline Acne?

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I eat extremely healthy. Plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and fish and meat. I don't eat gluten (which has helped a lot to be fair) or wheat. I eat barely any sugar aside from naturally occurring ones in fruit and I avoid dairy as much as I can. All I drink is herbal tea (green, white, nettle, rooibos, fennel etc.) and water. I exercise regularly (cycle, run etc.). I do yoga, meditate - the list just goes on. Basically, I live a very healthy lifestyle.

Despite all of this, I'm still plagued by jawline/mouth acne. Usually red spots that soon become whiteheads, which are obviously very embarrassing. I wash and moisturise my face twice a day using only the brand simple. I occasionally exfoliate and use a mask as well.

My ONLY downside is my sleeping habits. I tend to go to bed quite late (1am), I'm working on this but unfortunately I seem to be at my most productive during these hours so it's not easy. But, surely, this can't be the only reason for it? I'm a 19 year old male btw.

Any advice? Thanks.

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Eating really doesn't play huge effects on your body producing acne, its a hormone, genetic thing. Could try some low-level prescipbed drugs from your doctor (Pill form) that can help reduce the redness and kill the bacteria. But it won't help you long-term. Only drug that will cure your hormonal acne is Accutane.

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