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Will This Turn Into A Keloid!?!?! On My Face!?

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Hi everyone

So recently I had this huge cyst on my face (the type that grows on your cheek and hurts) and now the mass is starting to loose pain and is starting to feel like a solid mass, I press on it and it has the firmness of a keloid. It is about the width of a dime and tall enough to be noticed as a dark red mass in contrast to my light brown skin. It is not jutting out per say but it looks like an elevated area as a hill with a low gradient would. Am I doomed to have this stuck on my face forever or is it just a temporary thing? Its not hurting at all and I can pinch it and it is firm. Actually there is the SLIGHTEST pain when i press it but nothing unbearable. I did not pop it, it was just a solid mass under my skin that isnt going away and that doesnt hurt. BTW I am prone to keloids. Last year my whole back was literally a cyst and I am left with 50-60 keloids ranging from the size of a tiny bead to the width of a dime. They were formed when they ruptured.

I encourage anyone who has had a similar experience to share and ideas as to what the fate of this cyst is going to be, and what treatments worked for you in the reduction and elimination of keloids.

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hey man,

i'm not really cystic acne prone but i had a 2 similar cases not long ago where i just had this solid feeling mass under my skin,roughly the size of what you're talking about, which luckily didnt make the skin look too raised or red, but i honestly felt like it wasnt going anywhere.

i tried applying hot compress to it to maybe soften it and help it heal, but i dont think it did much.

eventually, i stopped paying attention to it, and lo and behold, a month later (+-) i accidentally felt the area and it wasn't there.

we seem to have different types of skin, but i wouldn't stress too much about it, sometimes it just takes time for these things to heal.

if you feel like it's going in a different direction, i'd obviously advise consulting a derma.

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