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Help! Advice Needed Regarding Chemical Peel.

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I had a chemical peel done yesterday for the first time at my dermatologist, and it was red yesterday. There was this patch of skin around my temple that was slightly brown. Today my left cheek has turned from a red tone to a brownish tone. Is this normal before i experience peeling? Will the brown patch of skin go back to its original colour?


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Thank you so much for your replies.

I am Asian with light skin. My skin isn't exactly very brown, but it is reddish brown, but i am more concerned about this patch of skin near my temple which seems to be more brown/burnt than the other parts of my cheeks.

My right cheek seems to be slightly red, that's all, whereas my left cheek is a tinge brown.

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it should be an AHA peel, considering that my skin turned a little brown im thinking that it was of a medium strength. This was followed by a blue/red light treatment.

Does anyone have any idea why this certain spot on my face is more brown than the other parts?

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it is almost two weeks since my peel now, and the skin has peeled away, however the spot at my temple seems to be affected by some brown pigmentation. Will this eventually go away? i am using tretinoin cream as well.


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