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Just Started Accutane-Moisturizer Question

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Hello everyone, I just took my first absorica pill (30mg) last night and I had a question about how often should I moisturize. I'm using the cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer lotion but I wasn't sure how often I should use the moisturizer. My skin is usually on the dry side, so I was wondering if I should use it morning and night now to combat the effects when my skin gets worse, or just use it once a day at night until it gets bad. Thank you!

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Use it both day and night. If your skin tends towards the dry side already, I recommend using an extra thick moisturizer at night.

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I say just use it as needed. If you need it use it! If you don't then don't. Moisturizer is all for comfort. Your lips will bother you way more than dry skin. Keep lip stuff on hand at all times.

And just my two cents I wouldn't go higher than the 30mg. Actually I think 20 mg is better. But 30 isn't that bad. When the dose gets higher you can run into other problems. You will get just as good results on a low dose accutane. And at a low dose you will save yourself all the nasty effects. One of them being dry skin. :) On a low dose you can still treat your skin topically because it won't be so delicate like higher doses make it.

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I agree that it is a wait and see thing. My skin is not too dry, but I get dry spots on my chin and have to moisturize a little more there. I wouldn't have predicted that, as my chin was never dry before.

Your face will tell you what to do. If you start to get flaky spots - moisturize more!

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Everyone's skin is different. Also, we take different doses of accutane and have different skin types to begin with, so the dryness has different level's for each one of us.

The best advice is: moisturize your face as you need to. I had oily skin before accutane, i'm taking 30mg/day, and i only need to moisturize twice a day. I had to change moisturizers because the one that i was using in the beginning of the treatment was not keeping my face moisturized the whole day. It really depend's on your skin and the products you're using.

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Don't let people bother you about your dosage; it seems that everyone has a different idea about the "magic number". What may work for one person isn't going to work for everyone.

That being said, I definitely agree with the others that you should moisturizer as you see fit. There'll be a trial and error period in the beginning where hopefully you'll find the right combination. Just make sure that you take note during the day your skins relative dryness.

I'm on 40 mg/ day and I spread a layer of Aquaphor on at night, with a bigger glob on the drier areas, and use a small bit of Cetaphil Daily Moisturizer during the day underneath sunscreen.

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