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My Acne Scars, How Can I Get Rid Of Them?

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Hi all,

I am not on the regimen, however I use the gentle recommended moisturisers and facewashes and non comedogenic products.

Here are my scars:

The worst thing is I have these holes (pricks) in the skin, uneven skin tone, my skin is patchy, red, hyperpigmented. I dont have cystic acne, my mineral powder alone covers most of the acne marks I have

Can I solve this problem with my skin? What treatment would be best? the least damaging one as possible.

Many Thanks everyone

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your skin kinda remind me of mine. My skin is irritated by everything- and I'm not even joking. I can't eat certain foods, because my face flares my rosacea and makes it irritated. Its a long story to tell but i have left with hyper pigmentation left over and my face is quite red.

Right now whats made my face totally opposite of what i described is taking oracea which is doxycycline but only 40 mg- at this dose it works on decreasing inflammation and not killing bacteria. Topically i use finacea which has been a life saver- it calms my skin so much.

Sadly im not able to use any makeup (powder/foiundation) because it makes my face red and irritated. But it doesn't matter because using the right skincare for me allows me to in the end not even need it!

anyways, good luck

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