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My son is 6 weeks into Accutane. He had to do some community service stuff for scouts today and I wanted to dose him up with sunscreen first. The stuff I had said not to put it on skin that was damaged. My son has a lot of open sores on his face right now and I can't even imagine how much it would have stung to put on the sunscreen. Anyway, he was outside for about two hours and we had to bring him home. He sort of swelled up and got a big of a burn on his arms.

He is supposed to be going to Gettysburg at the end of the month and I need to protect him from the sun. Does anyone have any recommendations on sunscreen that won't sting his face?

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Ask his derm! call even, thats what they are there for!

Also I've heard chemical sunscreens are usually the worst- chemical as in the sun protectant in the cream is not zinc its some chemical. ( all sunscreens are basically chemicals)

Also wear a hat- I don't know much about scouts- they have a dress code? if so, he should be allowed to wear a hat for medical reasons.

Maybe try cerave? I'm pretty sure they make it in both cream, and spray forms. If he's on the go and walking around- a spray may be easiest because it takes two seconds to apply.

Also there is Badger sunscreen (its the brand name, not for actual Badgers) They make unscented types and their organic.


or there blue lizard (which i have used before) also make a wide variety of types- including unscented.



Sunblocks vs. Sunscreens

The major difference between sunblocks and sunscreens is that sunblocks are mineral based (always) and sit on the surface of the skin. The active ingredients are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Sunscreens are generally chemical based and must be absorbed into the skin to be effective via a chemical reaction with the UV rays. Ingredients vary widely, as does their safety.

( many sunscreens ^^ are chemical based, but there are many out there that are not)

So maybe try a sunblock instead?

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