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Adult Acne Cured - Just Post Acne Marks (Help)

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hi all, after reading some good advice here it seems ive got rid of my nasty red, adult acne (i mainly needed to avoid BP cream / milk & start using vitamins)
I've just got some post acne marks / light, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation to deal with. - after reading advice here, i started using sun screen.
i understand lemon juice is quite effective at fading post acne marks but what's the correct way to apply it(?) and am i correct in thinking it takes months to work? (i think i used too much last night, my skin is a bit red lol)
also is there any olay products which work?
any other advice would be great, thanks
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I also have some red spots left behind. I try many things at the same time. Recently I discovered snail cream. I use it twice daily and within 3 days I see much difference. You can also try MSM cream, vicks vaporub, and lavender and geranium esssential oil. The more recent the scars, the easier to go.

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If you are comfortable with trying some chemical peels to help with fading that might be a great route. I use MUAC Mandelic Chemical peel as well as their Lactic Acid and Fade Peel. Makeup Artists Choice. They have a ton of reviews, very helpful customer service and if you are a chemical peel newbie they have tons of options. Lactic is one of the safest and highly effective with PIH. :) Happy Friday and great to hear you have gotten rid of your acne and get to work on clearing up the marks now. Wish you the best.

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Lactic acid is really good for this. I once had some PIH on my legs that I thought would never go away, but lactic acid got rid of it in a few weeks.

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