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Is This Acne, And Is It Treatable?

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For over a decade now I've had this constant inflammation around my mouth, get it on my chin and at the sides of my nose. It's ever so slightly itchy, oily and red. It also flushes up when I smile and it's very sensitive. For years I thought it was pigmentation and had dozens of treatments(lasers) to get rid of it but all failed. To look at there's no visible spots, I never get visible larger pimples at all. I've seen lots of dermatologists over the years some diagnosed me with perioral dermatitis, others seborheic dermatitis, others just plain old pigmentation.

However, if I really examine the skin in these areas really close by stretching my skin and having light hit the skin at a certain point. I see hundreds of blocked pores, tiny little blackheads and whiteheads only in the area's where I have the inflammation. Some of the sebum in these pores is so hard I cannot extract it as if it's been there long.

Looking at the pictures....Is this not just acne? and it is plausible that this constant inflammation is due to this ever present bacteria? It's always in the same place, and it's been like this for years without budging, it never goes away and is always there in the same place. Up to now nothing has shifted it in the slightest.

I've tried dalacin-t lotion, it improves the bumps in these areas a tiny little bit but stopped working. I tried various salacylic acid products and they too help a little with reducing the size of the bumps but soon stopped working and it goes back to square one. Now I'm testing out Benzoyl peroxide products(epiduo) in the hope that I can finally at least get rid of all these tiny microscopic spots to eliminate them from the cause of the inflammation but as everything else as failed I'm not hopeful, I just don't get why I would not be able to get rid of this.

As well as that. I've eliminated food as the cause and have taken so many acne and histamine related supplements to aid.







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It could potentially be some sort of irritation from something you are using on or near those inflamed areas. Toothpaste, maybe, though perioral dermatitis usually manifests as pustules.

You could also try a topical retinoid.

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