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Hi guys. So recently (about 3 weeks ago) I started to notice these little tiny whitehead like bumps beside both of my eyes. My first guess was that it was acne, after I realized it wasn't I then thought it could be Keratosis Pilaris as I have this on my arms too. After doing a bit more research I came to the conclusion that I'm pretty sure it's Milia.

Basically, what I want to know is how to get rid of them. I've heard so many different things from different people I don't know where to begin. I want to get this under control now before and if they start spreading or getting bigger. I just began clearing up my acne and then this comes along! Great! Just a side note, I exfoliate every 3 days currently. I'd like to be able to do this at home preferably and not go to see a derm.


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Oh my F** gosh. Having MILIA is the last thing I would ever want in my life ever. I had one before in the corner beside my eye and it looked like eye booger! So embarrassing. One thing about MILIA is that it gets bigger when just left hanging around your face. And it is really difficult to extract it since it made its way deep down into the skin. I tried to extract it with a comedone and the pain is just overpowering coz its deep down that I eventually just let it be. Most especially its near my eyes! The eye skin is just one tenth thick of the rest of the skin around your face. So it is extremely sensitive you have to be careful around there. I even went to a dermatologist to remove it and they said the only way to safely remove it is by laser which cost 33 dollars per millia. I didn't have that money that time so out of desperation I went home and picked it with a needle and struggled to extract it! You had no idea how much of a relief it is that I finally extracted it! I had to be really cautious coz I was performing it around my area. I could have picked my eyeballs lol I pushed it really hard that my eyes went deformed for a day or two but it has been 4 years since then so its okay now. I don't recommend what I did coz its really risky if your not an expert in extracting and using comedone. Try to go to your derma and spend money with the laser to be safe. ALSO some milia that aren't really that big and established itself deep down would pretty much wear away just be persistent doing your regimen. Such a dilemma Lol. Also east less oily foods. Cholesterol build up is what causes milia.

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