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Acidic Vs Alkaline Environment

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Greetings everyone!

Some studies and blogs suggest bacteria and viruses aren't able to strive in Acidic environment, however they also recognize acidic environment is prone to infections and diseases.

Acid Mantle: (brief)

What Is the Acid Mantle? (with picture)

As some of you might know, Acid Mantle is an outer layer of human skin. It is an acidic barrier to bacteria and therefore it prevents breakouts, inflammation and rashes.

According to this, acidic environments are helpful because they protect our skin from acne.

If so, higher skin pH means less pimples.

Body: (brief)

The importance of an internal alkaline environment.

Acidification of the body tissues and cells is known as the greatest contributor to illness. It leads to the build up of toxins as well as the growth of fungi and bacteria.

According to this, acidic environment promotes illness and acne.

If so, higher skin pH means more pimples.

Can someone explains this to me?

Thank you in advance

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Ph is rated from 1(acid) to 14(alkali) where 7 is neutral (water), the human skin's acidity mantle Ph level is 5.5 which is closer to the acids,for example ACV is an acid, but a really strong one, therefore when mixed with parts of water, it can be used as a face toner, and that's why it's good for skin (and acne). Meanwhile alkali's are known for killing fungus, for example in a wash used for mucuos membranes they make a Ph of 8 to kill fungus. Also soap is alkali (Ph level 9-11) because of it's high ph level it "breaks" the acidity mantle letting bacteria get to your skin which sometimes causes skin problems (sometimes acne). And that's basically why you should use a soapless wash.

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Yes, it is indeed. However, inside the body Acidic environment produces the opposite effect. Why is that?

I totally forgot about this ,, The normal body tissue Ph level is 7.4 which is slightly more Alkaline than water,.

So Basically, what's closer to the natural Ph level is better = Acidic for Skin and alkali ne for the inside of the body.

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