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Hope this is the right forum just joined.

Girl, 22 yrs old.

This is embarrassing but 7 months ago I just became so paranoid that you could see the fine facial hair on my face so I shaved and then the next day bumps showed up. Like whitehead/ skin colored bumps. I ignored them hoping they'd go away. Then a month or so passed so I started buying acne products to get rid of them since they had not gone away. Nothing worked. I gave in one day and popped them and they ended up spreading. This is all on the cheeks and around jawbone. Now I have these terrible red/purple marks everywhere.

I have not shaved again since that day and stopped poking /learned my lesson.

They have still not gone away. I have tried everything from clearasil ultra, clairosonic brush, clean and clear, olay acne products, st.ives, steaming my face everyday, spot treatments, and currently proactiv +. I have never had acne problems always had perfect clear skin before this . I have no idea what's going on and it's made me so depressed. I set an appointment with a dermatologist but where I live they are booked until May. Some of the whitehead/skin colored bumps start getting bigger and some become red inflammed and big and some turn into pustules and cystic even if I completely leave them alone This is all happening like on the sides of the mustache area to the sides not on the mustache part that is fine. and some had spread down to the sides of my cheeks. Going on 7-months now trying to get rid of this.

Any idea what kind of acne this could be? And what can I do to get rid of it?

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