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Hey I'm new here, (29 y/o male) but wanted to share something that, for me, has cleared my acne, evened out skin tone, moisturized, cleansed, tightened pores by a whole lot and is rly just amazing. The funny thing is...it was right in front of my face literally. For the past month I have read research on skin, products, function and makeup of sebum, lifestyle of ancient civilizations and Ive even observed animals and how they clean themselves. I know its strange but ive learned alot about health by observing animals in the wild and how they go about their day.

Sebum seems to be somewhat like a fingerprint, the ratio's and makeup up of the substance in it seem to be unique to the individual. It does infact serve as a protectant, holding moisture in, keeping excess moisture and pathogens out and lubricating. However it also seems true that an excess of oil can cause irritation, blotchyness, blackheads, glossy skin etc. So I wanted to find the missing link, what was it that I, and maybe others, were missing as far as oil production??

I think I have an idea...maybe...I think its movement. The oil needs to be moved, mixed with water, spread around, not so much REmoved. Sebum is acidic and the more it sits, the more bacteria break down its substances, the more its chemical makup changes and eventually it turns to a slight irritant. This is not all that bad if you think about it, kind of cool. As the bacteria work to break down sebum, the bacteria secrete an enzyme that is acidic and can break down dead skin so it can be wiped from the skin surface or flow out of hair folicle...by FLOW of sebum. In short, the bacterial enzyme is an exfolient, and cleanser in one but if it sits to long it can start to irritate the epidermis and hair folicle causing issues. BUT if too much is removed, dryness occurs, which can damage the epidermis as well as cause it to break down and become irritated and the cycle continues. The key is to wet the sebum and move it around enough that it doesnt over dry but also keeps sebum flowing slowly out of the hair folicle.

When I observed almost any animal either in my yard or online, they cleansed by spashing water and massaging or rubbing, spreading the water around...but not really wiping or washing it off. Kind of like if you rub your hands together for long enough when wet...they just turn moist and then air dry.

I produce most oil on my forehead and nose but my cheeks and jaw are dry. In the morning I can see this so I spash my forehead and my cheeks ONCE and start to rub as I would if using a cleanser but with more massaging and slightly more pressure. It feels great and fingers move over the skin rly smoothly and easily. I keeps rubbing it in and spreading it around, making sure im moving from the oily spots, to the dry spots and back. I know Im done when water isnt running off my face but it is still wet. In the morning I air dry and at night I BARELY pat dry. When Im done and my skin has dried I notice my skin has the right amount of oil everyhwere, completely even complextion and moisture, its not tight, its not glossy and there isnt any redness (besides current acne at the time I started which was MUCH less irritated after this). The key is to move sebum around enough morning and night, that it keeps flowing out of the folicle in a slow, controlled fashion durring the day. It will protect the skin throught out the day, and by night, becoming acidic breaking down dead cells and flowing dead skin and bacteria out of the folicle. The morning and night it will be moved around, ballanced, and a little removed at a time, and the process continues in a cycle.

So this is a really long post I know so Im going to leave it open to questions if any one wants to ask. My spelling and grammar suck, but I just wanted to share.

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wanted to add that a good hard scrub with washcloth and water only, followed by NO moisturizer what so ever has been great to add to this daily or as needed. The point is not to add chemicals and do more physical movement and pressure with hands/washcloth. The washcloth has seemed to clear the path for the oil to move out of the folicle in some areas where I had a few tiny blackheads/flesh bumps. My mistake at first was assuming i was looking at dry skin when it was actually DEAD skin, removed it.

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