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Help! Pimple Turns Into Dark Huge Bump Under Skin On Face

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Hi people,

Recently, I had a sizeable pimple popping out on the side of my face which is relatively pimple-less. After applying OXY 5 on it for about 2 days, the pus inside hardened and it dropped off while I was bathing.

1-2 days later, I realised that the area the pimple was on is now ahuge dark lump (HELP) under my skin. It doesn't hurt unless I apply force to squeeze it. It becomes very dry after I apply OXY 5 and the skin on that area sheds off as well.

Should I continue applying OXY 5? Is there any natural way to let it subside (note that I didn't use remove but *subside*) and disappear? I am not keen to visit a dermatologist because previous visits didn't really help aside from the usual "continue to apply XXXX cream" as well as the costs involved.

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Don't squeeze it, or even really touch it! Icing works for many as Tracy said and others have success with warm compresses. Take some advil or aleve. If you can't get it injected, all you can do is wait. Sometimes they don't stick around for too long. Mine are usually gone in 1-2 weeks.

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apply hottest water you can tolerate, that may help bring it to a head and slowly draining it...i have gotten atleast 10 of those recently because of Retin A

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