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Stubborn Jawline Acne, Spread To Cheeks?

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Hi guys,

I'm an 18 year old male, and I've had very mild acne throughout my teenage years. Until recently, however, my acne was limited to an occasional breakout on my forehead (probably because I had long hair that ran over my forehead.)

Probably around 9 months ago, I got on one jawline what seemed to resemble cysts, and they would often hurt and get itchy and get extremely red and irritated if i began to itch them. After a while it spread to the other jaw, and cysts moved up to my cheek.

In the past, I have tried salicylic acid as well as benzoyl peroxide, with little avail. This past december, I went to the dermatologist, and I was at first prescribed a prescription sulfur wash, as well as minocycline. When those didn't work, I also added tretinoid retin-a and doxycline instead of minocycline. My dermatologist said that I would ultimately probably need accutane, however. I didn't start because i didnt want to start an accutane regime right at the beginning of a new semester.

My question is whether anyone has had success treating acne similar to mine. Sometimes I wonder whether the jawline acne is acne; the cysts seem large, raised and pus filled. If anyone has insight into this, that would be great.






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My acne is similar to yours (20 years, female). This past August 13 I stopped taking my birthcontrol, which sent my skin into a downward spiral of painful acne. Most of it is hormonal flair ups, which is normal, because my body is still purging the after effects of taking all of those fake hormones. This "hormonal acne", is more commonly called "adult acne" or "cystic acne". When we are younger, we get the occasional isolated pimple because of the oil and bacteria on our teenage skin. However, as we age, hormones are thrown out of wack and we get these deep cystic acne marks, ESPECIALLY along the jaw line, chin, mouth and hairline.

This is completely normal. I've started the regimen recently, and I feel that I've had a great amount of success with it. I'm currently on week 5. Those big raised, deep, painful cystic breakouts are no more! The cystic breakouts along my jaw and chin shrink and dry out the next day, as long as I apply the Benzol-Peroxide every day and night. Salicylic Acid does not work for cystic acne, only Benzol -Peroxide does. Also, I highly DO NOT recommend Acutane, as it is known to cause internal damage to your organs (liver & kidneys, i believe), and it will most likely leave deep scarring.

I suggest giving the Regimen a try, and really stick with it! Also, refrain from touching/picking your face, change your pillow cases as often as possible (i change mine every 5 days), and drink lots of water! I promise, if you stick with it, you will see results!

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