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Hey guys i just wanted to share my experience of this regimen that Dan has formulated.

its my 18th day into this regimen, and it really worries me to see that things arent really going very well.

The regimen started off really very well, with my face clearing up and really could see vast improvements, but as i journeyed into the second week, all of that changed. My face would still be dry,more tolerable, BUT, my cheeks developed 4 huge acne and i think one of them is a pustule. They lingered on until the third week, and i was telling myself that it would get better and i just had to persevere. but as i neared the end of the third week, which is today, i really cant see how the 4 acne (s)(?) are improving. But what im grateful for is that the BP did not result in any pimples forming on my forehead nor my cheeks, just my cheeks.

Before starting the regimen i had little to few pimples, just hyper pigmentation i presume and scars. i applied make up daily to conceal them, but after starting the regimen i have stopped applying any form of makeup on my face. none. but my face seemed to have worsen from how it was before the regimen. i followed the steps precisely and i dont get what could be wrong to result in this. i really cant help but drown my face in my hands and cry out to God asking why is this happening to me. Currently my face has pimples only the cheeks, both sides and below my lip (at the area right below the bottom lip). 4 on my right (2 of them developed after regimen) with some hyper pigmentation, 2 on my left (1 developed after regimen), and one below my lip which was also developed after using the regimen. The problem with them is that they arent just red but they have a head too, which makes it so super disgusting. i dont even know how to describe the gruesomeness of them. But one thing im grateful about is that my left cheek has somewhat healed and 2 spots have really healed and are fading away quite nicely already, Thank God. But now what im worried about is my right cheek as there doesn't seem to be any improvement since the second week.

would any kind soul tell me if there are any things i have to take note of while doing the regimen? maybe im doing something wrong i dont know. Is this supposed to happen? is my face supposed to be like this in the regimen? am i going to heal? will i ever be able to see clear skin again? countless times i have ask myself these questions and so far to no avail. will someone please help me. please.

i really want to get my face cleared up again to serve the Lord, having to have face to face conversations with the other people really diminishes my confidence due to the state of my face. Please help me someone

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Ok, this might be your purging phase. I know it is frustrating but all the therapies purge before let your face go better. It somehow makes sense this state. It means that more or less the active ingredients are indeed active and push to the surface anything hidden or needs long time to come up. Derms say that we have to pass this phase you are in now and not jump to another treatment, because it will happen the same and we never get the chance to see a clearer face. I am also on day 3 of the regimen and i have already 2 new pimples that came to head quickly and poped really fast. So, the quality of the pimples is at this pint different. I have to admit i dont have high expectations from the regimen, but i hope to control the breaking out and minimize the red spots. Recently i saw a youtube video for applying vicks vapor rub on stubborn cysts. I tried it before starting the regimen and it really works!! I left it overnight and it REALLY brought down all the pimples. I still use it at night over the moisturise and leave it during sleep time. Try it, you have nothing to lose, but also stick to the regimen.

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Wow the Vicks is something new! I'll try it once 1 month of the regimen is up! 4 more days! Thanks for the advice guys! I can see that it's healing and I'm glad! Thank God. But there's something I want to ask. Why does my skin till feel so dry and like there's this layer of *dusty like* stuff on it. And my skin is like dry even though I apply 3 pumps of moisturizer and sunblock.

How do I get rid of the *small dusty like* particles on my face, it really makes me seem very dirty, is there any way I can help at least reduce the visibility of the dust like particles

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To reduce dryness, lower the bp dosage for some days. For the dusty like image, i think the best is to try some aha, try a 10-15% once a day. You can put it in the morning if you wear sunscreen.

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Dans aha are most suitable to compliment the regimen, so definately yes. For the scars i wish i knew the way to fade them away. Mine are really stubborn, as my skin is medium to dark and vary in colours from pink, the most recent, to brownish, the oldest. Anyway, i am trying many things like lavender and geranium essential oils undiluted, contractubex cream ( bought from e bay) and thinking of giving a snail cream a shot. Spots need time even with the most effective product. Top down they heal by themselves ( but it takes tooooo long)

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Alright ill buy it the next time round when I'm out.

Aww. Well do tell me cos I believe I am full of hyper pigmentation I believe after doing some research.

It's fully 1 month now and I find that I have in fact gained more hyper pigmentation since I started. Is this part of the process? It's redder and I still get breakouts here and there though. Gonna continue striving on. At least there ain't any more dusty feeling. But still abit on the dry side

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