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Extreme Back Acne/scarring

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Okay, so I'm almost 18, I have had moderate facial acne for about 2 years, I'm on an antibiotic for it and a cream as well prescribed by my doctor. (i.e. Menocycline, and Adapeline Cream) my face is not bad, but I am here to talk about my "Bacne" . It is absolutely horrible, I have extreme scarring and I get those very sore pimples that hurt to touch, the scarring is so bad, I don't wear anything that has a scoop back, low back, or even anything that doesn't show my upper back and neck , it all started my freshman year of track season, (I'm a senior) I noticed it In the area (at first) where the fabric of my bra would lay, but then it spread and spread and spread! It is now making it's ways to my shoulders too just recently! Can somebody please give me some advice on how to reduce it? Or get rid of the scarring at least? I shower every other day, because I heard it's not good for your skin / hair because it strips you of your body's natural oils.

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ahhh i ran track/ xc for 6 years back in HS. I found that if i ran just in a sports bra that would help- but obviously weather conditions sometimes would impede this. Take a shower ASAP post workout. Dont sleep in any tight clothing (get a massive t-shirt to wear when sleeping) But also dont sleep just with a bra- even though its your bed bacteria can spread to your back from it if not protected. I find the best soap that helped me was *irish spring soap* Its nothing special, it doesnt smell like wonderful daisies, Its green...... and just soap. its cheap and usually on the drying side which helped me. \

Good luck!

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