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Proactiv Plus Vs. The Regimen

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Hi, Im 20 yrs old, male, and have been suffering from moderate to severe acne since i was 18. I have been using proactiv products for 2 years and switched to proactiv plus a year ago. Proactiv solution never worked for me, but i saw better results with the plus (gentler, felt better on my skin.) In addition I have changed eating and lifestyle habits (stopped smoking etc.) I still get moderate acne and breakouts with some scarring and dark spots so I decided to order the regimen. Anyone know how similar the products are and if there will be a significant purging/transitional period between treatments? I have my breakouts somewhat under control right now but am willing to switch to The Regemin for better health in general (even the plus seems kinda harsh). I know both contain benzoyl peroxide so im thinking it won't be too much of a shock to the system?

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Proactiv+ has less % of BP than The Regimen. Proactiv+ has 0.5% salicylic acid, and The Regimen has 10% glycolic acid.

Other than that, Proactiv+ is less drying than The Regimen.

I would personally combine both strengths of it, and not use anywhere near as much BP. I'd go with a gentle, non-medicated cleanser, 2.5% BP, salicylic acid in the morning and 10% glycolic acid at night, and use a bland/basic moisturizer for "emergency" dryness.

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To clarify the post above, The Regimen does not have 10% Glycolic acid. AHA+ is an optional product acne.org sells that is not actually part of The Regimen. The treatment of The Regimen is 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide.

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Just started on the the regimen 4 days ago. Took almost 2 weeks to receive it but finally arrived. So far no dryness, stinging, etc. I think its partly due to being used to the BP since proactiv+ has BP in step 1 and 2. How long does it usually take to experience side effects? I know Dan says to start slow and build up the BP gradually but what if your'e already used to the BP?

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