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Help With Cyst!

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So I have this cyst about an inch lower than my jaw on my neck and it's driving me crazy. It started off as feeling like a small marble under the skin and it is raised from the top of the skin as well. Now it's red and the surface above the skin is about the size of the head of a penci eraser. I have been icing it every night and I'm not sure that it helps but it's not hurting it. Before when I get these I would peel off the top layer every other day or so until it was flat but this one is not peeling at all and I don't want to peel it if it's not ready. What do you all do? Do you just wait it out and then eventually it will go flat? I am so impatient and for me this causes tremendous stress and it's all I think about is this stupid thing on my neck!! Uggh!

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Well first let me say picking it will only make it worse, do not pick it! What I find works best is to just dry it out, get some 10% BP and apply it morning and night to that area.

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Do not pick at it, however tempting that may be. Spot treat with BP and AHA if you have some, otherwise just ice it every so often until it goes.

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I used to use this method which involved a cotton ball dipped in luke-warm water and compress it agaist the cyst a few times a day, i noticed that the cysts would go away quicker than ussual

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