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Hey y'all. so i have milia (those small bumps that NEVER seem to go away) pretty much COVERING my cheeks completely, as well as a bit of cystic acne. weirdly, my forehead is pretty much the only part of my face that is completely clear. my derm doc put me on retin a cream and amox-clav. i'm just curious if anyone has seen improvements in their milia or skin texture regarding bumpiness on the retin a. i've only been on it about 3 or so weeks, and i'm already seeing a pretty drastic initial breakout...i'm trying to get through it and not give up, but it's awfully embarrassing- i don't even want to see my friends! anyway, i'm just hoping and praying that a combo of retin a, anti-biotics and extractions will clear my skin. any insight would be much appreciated!


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Hi! Sadly, I also have those small bumps that does not seem to go away. I've been using retin a for almost 12 weeks now, although most huge pimples are sprouting up less frequently than before, I'm not sure if retin a is working on the small bumps. I think it's actually lessening but I can't really say because my skin texture still is not that great, it seems.. uneven? I don't know but I read somewhere a few weeks ago that some people do have complaints about skin texture because of retin a and that I should just lessen my use as of now to every other night or something. Sorry, I have bad memory!!! T_T But I'm still hopeful! I just read in another thread that it will have to take over 12 weeks to see actual results to start from retin a so I'm still waiting for it

Good luck! I hope you'll see great results from using retin a

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Probably not alone. What will work is Glycolic acid & exfoliating every single day with a gentle scrub. And you need some type of oil control salicylic pads.

Retin A brings new healthy strong cells.... BUT you have to exfoliate the bad dead cells that are hanging on for dear life to your skin. They Gotta come off!! You must help them. So exfoliate once a day & use an oil control pad. Your skin will glow, look fresh. If you just use retin A alone your skin will look dull, dry & peely because those cells are turning over so fast and are getting stuck. Which can cause milia.

You can go for facials and the esthetician can remove the milia or go to your derm and have them do it.

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