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When Antibiotics Work For Acne?

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So i've had acne since freshmen year in high school. I'm now 21 and do this day i have acne, scars, and inflamation. I went a new dermatologist a couple weeks ago in Feburary and was perscribed Bactrim. After a week of taking that i got a alergic reaction and my body had red spots all over.Then i was perscribed another antibiotic called doxycycline which everyone is familiar with.

i basically finished my first week and i'm seeing great results. Basically have no acne besides previous ones(2) that are going away and the inflamation has been unnoticeable.

This brings me the question when antibiotics works, how does it tell you how your acne appears on your face. These pills kill acne causing bacteria, so to me if bacteria is causing my acne, then that means my acne will come back after i stop taking antibiotics.

Any input in what i'm trying to say? lol

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Yeah the acne is probably going to comeback. I am on one called Keflex, this is the first one to keep me relatively clear but it took up to two months to do its job. The sad part is once the course is over and I stop taking them the bacteria is going to still be there and cause more spots. So, antibiotics are good for keeping some people clear but they are certainly not a permanent cure. The only other option I have is accutane which even isn't a 100% shot at clearing my acne for good. Acne is really frustrating, especially when trying to get rid of it, work on acne scarring and making sure to stay clear for good all at once.

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If you start using an effective topical whilst on antibiotics, and continue to do so once you're off them, this may help keep acne away, but this will probably only work if your acne is mild/moderate to begin with.

Antibiotics really do help with those stubborn, annoying zits/cysts that never go away and always recur in the exact same spot, but there's no telling that they won't develop somewhere else once you're done with it.

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I took 3 months worth of Doxy and my face stayed clear for 1 year. I started taking it March of 2013 and my face has been more oily in the last 3 weeks and ive been slowly breaking out again. SO its time to buy another 90 day supply. Doxy is amazing for me, nothing else comes close. 1 year of completely clear skin is such a great feeling. im 30 and ive had mild cystic acne since ive been 16 so this stuff is a miracle worker!

Oh to add. I use to wash my face two to three times a day before the Doxy and that just dried out my skin. The Doxy worked so well for me that even when i was off of it i would only wash my face once a day and that was in the shower and that was just to clean it and not try to prevent the acne from coming back, only had to use soap.

I never once had to use any type of acne cleanser for that whole year. Ive read that other people had clear skin for 3 months up to 12 months after taking Doxy so i suppose it depends on the person and severity of the acne.

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Just reading the threads and saw this one.

Yes, once you stop the antiobiotics acne usually comes back no matter what. However, if your on them and your not breaking out no need to fear.

I've been on Bactrim since 2013 and haven't had a break out since. I take bactrim DS twice daily, it not only stops the acne, but greatly reduces the oil around my face. Just four months ago i dropped the dosage on bactrim to once daily and my face just ruptured in oil, but still no acne which was good. Supposedly, after quite a while the antibiotics should start to wear off and the bacteria suddenly becomes resistent to it, but going around and reading reviews there are people that have been on these anitiotics years, if not decades, and still are acne free while being on antibiotics.

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