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My Personal Anti-Acne Experience

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My name is Lorry. I just want to share my anti-acne Experience
Maybe the methods I have tried are not the best for you, but at least they can give you guys some solutions.
I had been fighting with acne for also 4 years from 19 to 22. I had tried many ways, some worked.
Here, I would like to share the methods or products which worked for me.
1.Herbal Acne Cures
Herbal Acne Cures indeed worked for me. I tried Herbal Acne Cures after I had used other anti-acne products. Unfortunately, anti-acne products most left my skin feeling dry, itchy, painful, and quite frankly- terrible looking. The Herbal acne prescription I got was from a Chinese herbal medicine store. Below are the advantages and disadvantages.
1. Safe and health. Herbal Acne cure is natural without harmful chemical
2. Low cost.
3. Lower risk of side effects
1.Inconvenient. I can do the treatment when I am on traveling.
2.Take too long to come into effect
I found out about Exposed Skin Care through Acne.org forum. Exposed was initially made for private dermatologist offices. It was intended for people with moderate to severe blemishes. I used “Exposed 6-piece Kit” for 6 months. It turned out to be a great product for my skin. My skin was not allergic to it and plenty of smaller spots cleared up in just 5 weeks.
Pro: 1.Minimizes swelling, redness, blotchiness and dryness
2. No hassle 1 year full money back guarantee
Con: 1. High price
2. It takes about 3-4weeks before you see results
3.High Frequency Acne Spot Remover
This was the device which I used to remove the acne scar. I used it with essential oil together, they worked on me. I did a lot of research on line about high frequency machines and products on line before I bought it. For the price, it is a great product.
Pro: 1.Nice price.
2.Handy and easy to use.
Con: 1.Also it takes long time to see the effects.
Share what methods worked for you
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