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Low Dose Of Isotretinoin For Very Oily Skin

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Well... a little bit of background. I really do not have acne... just the occasional pimple. By real problem is the oil on my face. My oil production is extreme. I have tried every product known to man to control the excessive oil, but nothing has worked.

So, I decided to try Isotretinoin (Accutane) and just by chance (and Google) I ended up in this forum and in this thread.

I bought 30 capsules (20mg each) at a local pharmacy. I live in Mexico. It was kinda tricky to get the prescription (they do not sell Accutane without one). The box with 30 capsules is the equivalent of $60 dollars here.

Well this was my routine: I started taking 1 20mg capsule daily for 7 days (the first week). I didn't notice any reduction of oil during that week. But I did notice the secondary effects: dry lips, dry eyes. My lips were really bad.

After the first week. I decided to start taking 1 20mg capsule every 5 days. I still have dry lips, but they are under control now (thanks, Aquaphor!), but just this week I notice a significant reduction in oil. Finally!

After too many years of trying a lot of facial products, I finally found the solution. So far, so good.

Now I need to find a product to repair my damaged skin. Any recommendations?

I will keep posting updates.


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Hi Fernando,

Thank you for sharing your information. 2 months ago I completed a six month treatment, severe oiliness is returning and I'm freaking out. There aren't many people who understand what its like having this problem 24/7.

I live in San Diego and would like to buy generic Isotretinoin/Accutane from Tijuana Pharmacy for the exact reason as you, taking low dose to control oil.

You answered one of my questions: Do I need prescription? So bummed to read that, I will need a prescription. Ugh! Can you give me any advice and or recommend Derm Dr.'s in Tijuana to obtain a prescription?

Also, are there different names for Mexican brands. One name that often appears is Roaccutane. My main concern is buying quality.

btw, my last month prescription 60 mg. 30 day supply cost $1,013.00! Thank God I had insurance.

Thank you very, very much for your invaluable information.

With gratitude,


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